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"Che ti muove, o uomo, per peregrinar per monti e valli, se non la ricerca di te stesso e, forse, di Dio?"



The journey of  Saint Albertino : Montone - Fonte Avellana

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First leg of the journey

from Montone to San Benedetto Vecchio

Km 21

“Step by step, new horizons appear
to you eyes: go on!”

Second leg of the journey

from San Benedetto Vecchio to Serre di Burano

Km 13

"Walking, you start enjoying
the pleasure of the shadow and
the wind, meeting people and
going on together side by side"

Third leg of the journey

from Serre di Burano to Chiaserna

Km 17,5

"I can feel the breath of another
person behind me, a pilgrim who
will take me to for a while, in the
hard journey of life"

Fourth leg of the journey

from Chiaserna to Fonte Avellana

Km 17,5

"Walking as an image of  life:
life like as a walk from time to eternity"



Farm holiday center "Borgo San Benedetto" -  +39 075 924 1002




Farm holiday center "Casa Luchetti" - Burano +39 329 5832998

Restaurant "da Baffone" - Burano 075/9242184




Camping Le ginestre del Catria - Chiaserna  +39 346 0499219

Villa antica - Apartment
tel. 331/3645556



please contact the monks of Fonte Avellana
+39 0721 730261
from 1 pm to 1,30 pm
and from 8 pm to 9 pm

if you want to stay for Saint Albertino feast on September 3rd



Along the way you can see:


Along the way you can see:

  • Pass of the Cardinal
  • Church of  SS Peter and Paul in Salia

Along the way you can see:


Along the way you can see:



Saint Albertino from Montone,
Prior of Fonte Avellana (died 1294)

In a period of heated rivalry for the possession of worldly

goods, Saint Albertino used to leave often the peace of

his cloister to bring around his love and faith,

his deep sense of justice with which he could always find

the way to save the peace not wounding justice

 where he found quarrels and disputes.  






Oh God,

You who put in your Church Saint Albertino,

inflamed of zeal like a lamp burning and shining,

by his intercession please give ...

to us, always walking like sons of Light

with the same fervour of spirit


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